Christmas Eve in Lviv


The Christmas is one of the most important holiday in Ukraine. People in Lviv carefully keep ancient traditions of Christmas celebration. When the fist star is seen in the sky (like a symbol of  Christ birth) – the whole family gather for “Holly supper”  which include 12 lenten dishes. Afterwards people start to sing carols and wish “Marry Christmas” to each other! You will have a great opportunity feel amazing atmosphere of this holiday, acquaint with Ukrainian Christmas traditionssing carols and taste traditional cuisine in Lviv –  cultural capital of  Ukraine !e invite you to the special Christmas Eve program (6th of January).

The program includes: traditional supper: 12 dishes (Lenten) of Ukrainian cuisine; Vertep – theater performance dedicated to birth of Christ (in Ukrainian language); Singing carols – authentic songs of Christmas (in Ukrainian language).

Menu: kutya, herring, pickled vegetables, vinegret (traditional vegetable salad), marinated mushrooms, fried fish, holubtsi (cabbage rolls) with potato and sauce, borshch, varenyky (dumplings), pumpuh (donut), uzvar (dried fruit drink), tea or coffee, bread.

Start at  18:00,  “Bankhotel” restaurant – 8, Lystopadovoho Chynu.


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